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Decada de la Pastoral Juvenil

Rhe initiatives we see from the Holy Spirit

Proyecto Juvenil Hispano

Proyecto Juvenil Hispano is our response from LaRED, The Catholic Network de Pastoral Juvenil Hispana, to the initiatives we see from the Holy Spirit in: the recommendations made at all levels by participants of the V Encuentro process; during the listening and accompanying sessions related to the National Dialogue; together with the considerations of the XV Synod of the Bishops that focused on the situation of young people world wide leading to Christus Vivit, the first letter ever addressed by a Pope specifically to youth and young adults.

Needs statement: With a sense of missionary urgency, LaRED is called to:

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• Support limited existing structures of Pastoral Juvenil at all levels in the Church


• Cultivate the formation, spirituality and mística of young people and pastoral agents


• Generate teams to foster Pastoral Juvenil where structures are not fully operational


• Foster a ‘Culture of Encounter’ and Pastoral de Conjunto at all levels


• Promote the charism of youth as protagonists in the


Walking together with Mary, our Model

Combining practicality with spirituality, we build on people’s gifts and talents, together with community assets, to advance the mission in continuous growth cycles to achieve and surpass our goals. By 2030, LaRED will implement a series of 3-year cycles to achieve sustainable development with processes and resources needed to invite, form and work with people committed to revitalizing the action of the Church with our young Hispanic Catholics.

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Our bishops accompany LaRED

Our bishops and priests accompany the Hispanic Youth Ministry in the United States.


Young people are
protagonists of Hope!

LaRED hopes that this volume, the result of several processes and active listening to with young Latinos and their recommendations on numerous actions, will serve as a guide to faith communities in each parish, school, and lay ecclesial movement. The understanding is that each faith community will create their own specific goals that respond to the unique realities and situations they face together. Our commitment to accompanying Hispanic/Latino young people is clear and unequivocal, so that together we continue to build the civilization of love.

Let’s move from dreams to action! We are convinced that the work being done to better articulate ministry with Hispanic/ Latino youth and young adults in each parish and diocese of the United States by 2030, will be of greater benefit to the entire Church and society in which we live.

Let us ask God to help us become closer to the Jóvenes, to listen to and accompany them, and therefore, count on their talents in the evangelization initiatives in each faith communit. May Mary, Mother of Youth, gives us the confidence to continue the important task of forming and accompanying young people in the way she formed Jesus, in the love of the Father, and in communion with the Holy Spirit.

Adriana Visoso
President of LaRED

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LaRED de Pastoral Juvenil’s Proposal for Revitalizing the Church’s Action with Hispanic Youth in the United States
Church action with Hispanic youth in the United States during the decade 2020-2030:

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