History of the National Catholic Network de Pastoral Juvenil Hispana
(La Red)

The National Catholic Network de Pastoral Juvenil Hispana (La RED) is an inclusive network of Roman Catholic church based organizations and pastoral ministers committed to the evangelization, holistic development, and ongoing support and formation of Hispanic jóvenes (adolescents and single young adults 18 to 26+) in the United States. La RED promotes the articulation of its members at the national and regional levels, and fosters the creation of diocesan networks.

A. Background

New Orleans, LA, October 1995

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Seventeen people attended. Several ways of organizing a network were studied, a draft of the organizational structure of the network was drawn up, and a steering committee was elected to prepare a larger meeting which would take place in combination with NCCHM’s Roots and Wings’ 96 congress in Chicago.

Chicago, IL, July 1996

Seventy people participated. It was decided to allow into the organization various types of institutions, to urge the representation of all the regions of the country, and to continue the formation of the network under NCCHM’s care. Five committees—by-laws, membership, finance, communication, and convocation—were formed to plan the creation of the network, prepare the draft of the elements under their responsibility and to convoke the constitutional assembly.

Orlando, FL, December 1996

The committee chairs attended. A review of the work done in Chicago and of the first draft of the elements under the responsibility of each committee took place. Joe L. Ocampo was elected as the general coordinator of the constitutional assembly and NCCHM’s contact person.

San Antonio, TX, February 1997

The committee chairs attended. The constitutional assembly was prepared. Alejandro Aguilera-Titus, associate director of the National Secretariat for Hispanic Affairs, assisted as a special guest. He offered to cosponsor the creation of the network.
B. History

Constitutional Assembly: San Antonio, TX, October 3–5, 1997

Fifty five people from thirty dioceses and six regional and national institutions attended the assembly. Joe L. Ocampo, from San Antonio, coordinator of the Steering Committee, opened the meeting. The following working sessions took place:

  • Reflection on the goals and mission of a national network of people working with Hispanic youth and young adults
  • Process to approve the general trust of the By-Laws and to review them for further clarification and necessary corrections
  • Reflection on how to give La Red a regional structure.
  • Prayer and the celebration of the Eucharist were vital elements in the program.
  • The election of officers took place based on a discernment process. The officers elected were: Rudy Vargas IV, president; Rev. Damián Hinojosa, CSB, vice-president; Mr. José María M. Matty-Cervantes, treasurer; Ms. Elvia B. Torres, secretary; Rev. Mario Vizcaíno, Sch.P, member-at-large.

Two important decisions were made:

  • The decision to have an episcopal moderator and to invite the National Secretariat for Hispanic Affairs (USCC/NCCB) and the National Catholic Council for Hispanic Ministry (NCCHM) as ex-officio liaisons at the Board level was made.
  • NCCHM offered to support La Red by being its fiscal agent until La Red is incorporated and its non-for-profit status confirmed.

Board of Directors meetings and activities during 1999

 In order to conduct the business of the organization and to plan its activities, the Board of Directors met in Miami, with the South East Pastoral Institute (SEPI) sponsoring the meeting. In addition, two telephone conferences were conducted. Instituto Fe y Vida and Saint Mary’s Press sponsored the planning meeting for the first annual meeting.

In addition to planning and conducting the annual membership meeting, major tasks of the Board during the first year of La Red, were the following:

  • Conducting the date-to-date business of La Red.
  • Establishing an accounting system.
  • Organizing a campaign for recruiting membership in La Red.
  • Strategizing and conducting fundraising activities.
  • Publishing an informational bulletin.
  • Developing the handbook of the organization.
  • Monitoring the effectiveness of the regional structure and of the By-Laws.
  • Seeking the incorporation of La Red.
  • Establishing the archives and keeping the history of La Red.
  • Establishing and maintaining relationships and collaboration with other national organizations.

 Changes in the Board of Directors

During the year, Rudy Vargas resigned as president of La Red because of personal reasons. Fr. Damian Hinojosa, CSB, vice-president, assumed the role of acting president; Fr. Mario Vizcaíno, member-at-large, assumed the role of vice-president; Josefina Nuevo, from Rockville Centre, was asked to serve as member-at-large. All these positions were open for election at the annual membership meeting in November of 1999.

According to the By-laws, the secretary, the vice-president, and the member-at-large were due for reelection this year. Because of Rudy’s resignation, a new president needed to be elected too.

Second Annual Membership Meeting: Chicago, Illinois, 1999 Theme: Promoting Effective Leadership in Pastoral Juvenil Hispana


      Thirty-five people from sixteen dioceses and five regional and national institutions attended the meeting, which was conducted by its acting president, Rev. Damian Hinojosa, CSB.

Agenda of the meeting

  • A module consisting of a day and a half was organized exclusively for diocesan directors and coordinators of pastoral juvenil. The sessions dealt with the following topics:
    • Contextualization of pastoral juvenil hispana at the national level
    • Dialogue for an understanding of the participants’ pastoral activity
    • Planning for year 2000
    • Evaluation of the diocesan module
  • The agenda for the general module centered on the following topics:
    • Membership meetings
    • Essential elements in pastoral juvenil
    • Presentation of different pastoral programs
    • Workshops on practical skills
  • Prayer and the Eucharist complemented and celebrated the meeting

Major issues addressed in the membership meeting


  • A resolution was passed for the Board of Directors to assign an ad-hoc committee to study the By-laws based on the experience of the last two years, and recommend some changes before they are legally binding.
  • The new By-laws will be ready after the Third Annual Membership Meeting, in November of 2000.
  • The process for the incorporation of La Red and obtaining of the non-profit status will have to start in 2001. In the meantime, NCCHM is asked to continue its role as fiscal agent of La Red.

 Report on the legal status of La Red

  • In the first board meeting of 1999, it was decided that Instituto Fe y Vida would serve La Red by facilitating the process of incorporation in California and obtaining its non-profit status through the Diocese of Stockton.
  • A contact was made with a lawyer who accepted to do the work.
  • The contact with the bishop of Stockton was made, but it was necessary to wait until the new bishop arrived in other to ask him this favor. Bishop Blaire accepted with pleasure and expressed his support for La Red. However, La Red cannot be incorporated in California until the By-laws are approved.

Report on the financial status of La Red

The treasurer presented the financial statement; some corrections were made. La Red continued to be in the black.

 Elections to the Board of Directors

  • Rey Malavé, from Orlando, FL, was elected president, succeeding acting president Fr. Damian Hinojosa.
  • Javier Castillo, from Orange, CA, was elected vice-president, succeeding acting vice-president Fr. Mario Vizcaíno.
  • Juan José Rodríguez, from SEPI, was elected secretary, succeeding Elvia Torres.
  • Mario Vizcaíno was reelected as member-at-large.


  • 12 dioceses, some of them with two representatives
  • 3 pastoral institutions
  • 6 parishes
  • 6 professional ministers

Before the Board meeting of  January 1999, Rudy Vargas resigned to his position as president because of health reasons and an overload of work. Fr. Damian Hinojosa, vice president, assumed the role of acting president until the next elections, and Fr. Mario Vizcaíno assumed the position of vice president.

Board of Directors meetings. and activities during 2000

In order to conduct the business of the organization and to plan its activities, the Board of Directors The board met on November 7, 1999 in Chicago, and on June 8-9, 2000, in Greenville, South Carolina, with the Hispanic community of Greenville sponsoring the meeting. In addition, a teleconference (January 2000) and multiple email communications took place.

In addition to planning and conducting the annual membership meeting, major tasks of the Board during the 2000, were the following:

  • Decision to hold one board meeting and to have one teleconference substituting the other board meeting. Motivation to use the email as major means of communication.
  • Decision to ask NCCHM the continuation of Carmen Cervantes as ex-officio liaison due to her experience in national organizations and knowledge of pastoral juvenil in the country.
  • Presentation of reports by the president, treasurer, and secretary.
  • Decision to establish a relationship with the National Federation of Catholic Youth Ministry (NFCYM) as collaborative member, and to motivate a missionary outreach toward Hispanics by this organization. The president of La red will be the liaison with the NFCYM.
  • Study of the incorporation of La Red as a non-profit organization: In Stockton, where Joe Matty and Carmen Cervantes, count with the support of Bishop Blaire it has to wait until the by-laws are approved due to the nature of California laws. Fr. Mario Vizcaíno offered to seek if Bishop Snyder, from San Augustine, Florida, would like to incorporate La Red before the by-laws are accepted because the laws in La Florida do not have the same requirement.
  • Study and proposal for the revision of the bylaws based on the recommendations of the general membership and a careful analysis by the Board, in order to be presented to the membership at the November 2000 annual meeting for final approval.
  • The fees for membership were fixed at $50 for individuals and $250 for all types of dioceses and organizations.
  • Decision to search for a person who could be responsible of the WEB. The address laredpjh.org was reserved.

Board of Directors, Miami, FL., January 19-21, 2001

Rey Malavé as President of La Red conducted the meeting.

The treasurer gave his report and reviewed the membership report which shows that diocesan registrations to La Red have increased.  It was agreed to contact the Diocesis of Tucson well as others, in order to increase membership.  To do this, La Red must be presented as an organization supporting the local Pastoral Juvenil chapters.

Padre Mario Vizcaíno requests that funds of the CHM be applied to La Red in 2002, with the support of the Bishop’s Committee. It was agreed that La Red:

  • Makes a presentation to the Bishop’s Committee on the challenges faced by the Pastoral Juvenil, and that specific support in the form of a letter or document be requested to the Bishops of the Hispanic Committee. Responsible:  Rey Malavé, Carmen Cervantes and Alejandro Aguilera Titus.
  • Designs a presentation on the alternative methods of collaboration between the Pastoral Juvenil Hispana, the Youth Ministry and the Young Adults directed at the Bishop’s Committee.
  • Appoints NCCHM as its fiscal agent, yet allowing La Red to keep its own books as of January 1st 2001, with Joe and Armando Contreras as responsible officers for balancing the checkbook and bookkeeping records.

It was also agreed unanimously to request funds from the CHM using the presentation materials developed above, which should consider census figures on the Hispanic youth population.

The minutes of the Boston Meeting were approved unanimously.

It was decided that La Red be incorporated in the State of Washington, at Yakima through Mons. Sevilla, instead of in Massachusetts through Mons. Allué, since he has been unavailable to return La Red’s phone calls.

In addition, it was agreed that Rey Malavé attend a meeting in Colorado Springs on behalf of La Red (“Refocusing Hispanic Ministry in the Third Millennium”), presenting statistics and information about young Hispanics.  A budget of 1,000 USD was assigned for the President to carry out various PR activities.

When trying to define the benefits of members of La Red, it was agreed that La Red assures that the Pastoral Juvenil be recognized at a national level, and allows the possibility of holding a national membership meeting.  For this reason, communication efforts through a bi-annual bulletin (Sept. and January) and web site are key to strengthen the organization, and to reach members, diocesan directors and NFCYO contacts.  Juan Bernardo will be in charge of designing the web page.

Membership fees at the federation will be fixed by January of 2002.

Focus of the Meeting:

  • Design of promotional materials using La Red’s logo, mail out and other communication strategies
  • Format and content of the next annual meeting (individual vs. regional reports). Two subcommittees were created for this, one in charge of scheduling and programming, the other to raise the profile of the Pastoral Juvenil in the nation.
  • Raíces and Alas Conference in Notre Dame, agreeing that La Red takes a leadership role with young Hispanics, providing an instrument for youth sharing and communication.  In 2002, La Red’s annual meeting  will coincide with the World Youth Day and the Raíces and Alas conference.
  • Possibility of requesting grants and funds for La Red, and of hiring an assistant that would work for La Red reporting to the President.
  • Budget: Rey Malavé and Joe were appointed to prepare a budget to be reviewed by the rest of the Directors.

Teleconference Board of Directors, August 21, 2001

Participants: Rey Malavé, Javier Castillo, Juan Rodriguez, Jose Maria Matty-Cervantes, Alejandro Aguilera Titus.

The minutes of the Miami Board of Director’s Meeting held January 19-21 were unanimously approved.

The President reported that La Red was registered at the NFCYM and will have full membership status on January 2002.  NFCYM will also be a member of La Red and will participate in the Annual Membership Meeting.   The membership meeting of the NFCYM will take place in San Diego January 22-25, it was agreed that La Red holds its Board of Directors meeting to coincide with those same dates and venue.

La Red’s first bulletin was issued and sent out to members.  NCADDHM and other organizations within the NCCHM will be added as recipients (Armando Contreras will provide these contacts).   It was agreed to wait to pay the membership fee to the NCCHM ($450.00) until the next Annual Meeting, and also to wait until then to present the Treasurer’s report.


Other business:

  1. Legal incorporation of La Red: In process, through the Diocesis of Yakima (Bishop Sevilla will probably absorb these costs).
  2. Web Site: In process. Rey is in contact with the person in charge, which should start working on the site within 30 days.
  3. Raíces y Alas: A budget of $3,500 was assigned, Rey and Armando were assigned to work on the Youth Track.
  4. Funding: Rey and Carmen have worked to secure grants for La Red and have contacted Bishop Tafoya who will present the funding request and long term budget to the Pastoral Juvenil Hispana.
  5. La Red, represented by its President, Rey Malave, was present at the NCADDHM meeting celebrated in Nashville, TN.

Logistics issues regarding the next Membership Meeting (Orange County, CA) were discussed, including:

  • Costs: $225.00 /$250.00 early/ late registration, with a more economical fee for those wishing to stay with local families.
  • SWOT Analysis methodology (Alejandro)
  • Materials and overview of La Red’s objectives

La Red 2001 Internal Handbook, November 2001</>

La Red’s Internal Handbook was updated on November of 2001.

Sections included:

  1. Elections and nominations: Board of Directors and Annual Membership Meeting
  2. Decision making procedures: Consensus, voting procedures
  3. Process for establishing and presenting a proposal
  4. Finances: Board of Director expenses

Board of Directors Meeting, San Diego, CA, January 23-24, 2002


Rey Malave, Rev. Joachim Lally, Alejandro Aguilera-Titus, Carmen Cervantes, Joe Matty and Juan J. Rodriguez.

The Board meeting coincided with NFCYM’s Annual Meeting; Rey Malave participated as a member of one of their committees.  Rey stressed that Hispanic participation in the Indianapolis Conference was high despite reports stating otherwise.

The minutes of the Orange County Meeting were approved; a discussion on the person who will be hired as part time help for La Red followed.

HIV-AIDS Initiative:  The Secretariat proposes that La Red identifies individuals working in this area, in order to direct efforts to help Hispanic youths exposed to the disease in two areas (a) prevention and training, (b) counseling for HIV positive patients and their families.

World Youth Day (July 23-28):  The Secretariat would like to see an increase in Hispanic participation, and asks that this participation be monitored.   Invitations are being sent to all Dioceses, and national organizations are being contacted to publicize information, despite competition with the Raíces and Alas Conference which will take place the week before.

It was suggested that Jorge Rivera participate in one of the sessions providing musical-liturgical support.

The Pastoral Juvenil’s Initiative was circulated and approved.  Bishop Britt who attends both the NFCYM and the NCYAMA was approached in order to present the initiative through their youth committees.

The Directors prepared a a rough draft of the program of the  Annual Membership Meeting, scheduled for October 30-31 and discussed how to best present the initiative in order to secure an endorsement letter from the Bishops.   The idea of organizing a National Youth Encuentro was first discussed; it was proposed that this Encuentro could possibly take place every 4-5 years.

Other key aspects of the meeting:

  1. La Red was admitted unanimously as a member of NFCYM.
  2. It was reported that the Web site will be completed by the end of February.
  3. Dallas was proposed as the venue for this year’s Annual Meeting.
  4. It was agreed that all four actions on page two of the Initiative (11/15/01 version) were to be pursued with the Bishops.
  5. The Raíces and Alas Conference will take place in Notre Dame, August 1-4, with a cost of $160. La Red committed to bring 50 leaders working on pastoral initiatives to the Conference.
  6. Padre Mario and Carmen Cervantes were appointed as permanent consultants to La Red’s Board of Directors.
  7. The initiative will include a request of help from the Bishops
  8. Rey Malave asked the Board to secure research funds for La Red.

Board of Directors Teleconference, September 11, 2002

Participants:  Joe Matty, Carmen Cervantes, Father Mario, Juan Jose, Jorge Rivera, Rey Malavé, Alejandro Aguilera.  Father Lally was reported to be out of the country on a sabbatical leave.

President’s Report: 

  1. Rey Malave underlined the importance of the Initiative reporting that two presentations had been made to Bishop Tafoya and Bishop Britt. Both NFCYM (Barbara) and the Secretariat for Family, Laity, Women and Youth (Ana Villamil) were represented, in order to secure the involvement of youths and Hispanics from these organizations.
  2. Web Page: still pending because of conflicts with the site designer. However, these have already been resolved and the site could be in operation in 60 days.
  3. No update on the incorporation of La Red, it was decided to call Carlos Carrillo to expedite the process.

Treasurer’s Report:

  1. La Red’s finances were in the black, with 21,734 USD in cash.
  2. Membership includes 25 dioceses, with the possibility of soon integrating five more.

The President pointed out that the Federation presents a viable alternative to many dioceses and that it competes directly with La Red so it was suggested to organize events at the same time and venue in order to reduce travel expenses for members belonging to both organizations.

Key Aspects of the Meeting:

  1. At the NCYAMA meeting, La Red showed impressive statistics on the participation of Hispanics
  2. Committees have had a very positive reaction to the Initiative
  3. It was decided to request $100,000 to the Missions Committee before October 1st for operating expenses and to promote the Initiative. The proposal should be made to Dave Byers/Tricia Zacckersson from Home Mission, and should be accompanied by letters from Bishops Allué, Tafoya and Tamayo.
  4. The nominating committee (Jorge) accepted the proposal of nominating again Rey Malavé for the Presidency and Rosizela Betancourt to substitute Father Lally.
  5. Logistics/Program of the Dallas Annual Meeting (October 31-November 3), the Raíces y Alas Conference (to be held on Memorial Day Weekend 2003) and the upcoming payment of dues to the Federation were discussed.

Board of Directors Annual Meeting, Dallas, TX, October 31-November 3, 2002

Participants:  Rey Malavé, Juan J. Rodriguez, Jose Maria Matty Cervantes, Father Mario Vizcaino, Sch.P., Carmen Cervantes, Jorge Rivera and Lisbeth Blanco.

Minutes were approved with some modifications

Focus of the meeting

  • SWOT Analysis, which was directed by Rey Malavé, since Alejandro was unable to participate.
  • Relationships with NCYAMA and other external.
  • Legal Incorporation of La Red
  • Logistics aspects of future Board Meetings.

Key aspects of the business meeting of La Red were the following:

  • The president informed that la Red participated at a meeting of the U.S. Commission on Catholic Evangelization, in the National Catholic Organizations Committee.
  • La Red was offered a seat at the Board of the NCYAMA. It was agreed to request a letter formalizing a reciprocal membership and representation on the Board, contacting Michelle Miller. La Red would suggest that Ivania Vega or another Spanish speaking Board Member represent NCYAMA in La Red’s Board of Directors.  The importance of the role of Jorge Rivera as representative of La Red in NCYAMA’s Board was stressed.
  • The idea to contact other organizations such as NOCH, Lay Ministries and NFCYM was discussed, in order to do benchmarking with these organizations, and show the importance of Hispanic ministry.
  • La Red was incorporated October 25, 2001, with UBI number: 602 157 499 and decided to have control of its finances (previously under the auspices of NCCHM) as soon as possible, opening a bank account.
  • It was decided to amend the bylaws so that NCNPJH be identified as “NCNPJH doing business as La Red”.
  • It was agreed to hold La Red’s Annual Membership Meeting back to back with NFCYM’s Annual Meeting.
  • Father Mario and Carmen Cervantes were ratified as advisors to La Red.
  • Dates for future meetings were defined: Teleconference: January 15, 2003, 5:00 EST; Board Meeting: May 12-13, 2003, in Miami.
  • Prayer and the Eucharist complemented and celebrated the meeting
  • It was decided to amend the bylaws so that any individual with good standing who has attended consecutively two Annual Meetings be considered as candidate to the Board. Rey Malavé was elected President, and Rosizela Betancourt was elected member of the Board.
  • The meeting included an overview of youth pastoral organizational aspects, including the possibility of holding an annual Youth Pastoral Encuentro, as well as a brain storming session by teams on how La Red’s could implement goals number 2-6 of The Initiative.

Overview of SWOT Analysis:

Strengths:  Legal incorporation, approval of the Initiative, excellent relationships with other organizations, sound finances, national structure and official recognition by the Church.

Weaknesses: weak regional organization, lack of full time personnel, database, newsletter, continuous diocesan membership.

Opportunities: 17.7 million youths, 10 year Initiative, good reception of NFCYM and NCYAMA.

Threats/Challenges: Youth ministry training, maintaining the strength of the Board, naming of next Treasurer.

Board of Directors Teleconference, March 13, 4:00 EST, 2003

 Participants: Rey Malavé, Jorge Rivera, Juan José Rodriguez, Jose Maria Matty-Cervantes, Rosizela Betancourt, Father J. Lally, Father Mario Vizcaino, Carmen Cervantes and Alejandro Aguilera Titus.

Key Aspects of the Meeting:

  • Father Lally came back from his sabbatical and was reincorporated to the Board.
  • Key issues of La Red’s relationship with NFCYM were discussed including how to lobby the approval of the Initiative and the procurement of funds.
  • Results of the presentation made to the Bishops were discussed, with ideas on which ideas to implement them in order to strengthen La Red’s program of activities. A teleconference was scheduled April 23rd to further discuss this.
  • It was reported that NE, MW and MACC and other regional organizations requested to be included in the Initiative.
  • The treasurer reported numbers in black, with 20.000 dollars in resources. The opening of La Red’s bank account was still pending.
  • Minutes of the Dallas Annual Meeting were approved.
  • The Directors reviewed several aspects of the upcoming Board Meeting, including content, venue and dates.

Board of Directors Meeting, October 29 –November 3, 2003

Participants: A full quorum took place, with an opening prayer highlighting the meeting.

Main business of the meeting included:

  • President’s Report: La Red will be registered in the Catholic Directory; in addition, La Red obtained its general ID number.   The Board made proposals on how to select and hire a General Director for La Red.
  • Secretary’s Report: Minutes of the previous Board of Director’s meeting were approved.
  • Jorge resigned as liaison to the NCYAMA Board.
  • The Board decided to write proposal to the Bishop’s Committee to organize a National Encuentro.
  • It was decided to circulate an electronic newsletter to the membership to increase communication with members of La Red. The Red concluded that a new brochure, letter head and flier were necessary to promote La Red.
  • The Board proposed and approved that Joe will continue to serve as treasurer until December 31st.
  • Future meetings were scheduled in order to prepare La Red’s National Encuentro: January 29-31, Miami FL, and May 16, Denver, plus a teleconference March 23rd at 2:00 pm EST.

Board of Directors Meeting, January 30 and 31st, 2004


  1. The President reported that Hispanics were well represented at the NCYM’s Conference, yet challenges for increase participation on the part of young Hispanics include strengthening representation in regional meetings and assuring for lower costs when these meetings are held in larger cities.
  2. The Treasurer reported approximately $31,000 in cash. The Federation gave La Red a Grant of $3,000 for the organization of the Encuentro.
  3. The Secretary presented the Minutes of the previous meeting, corrections were made and minutes were approved.

The Board selected Jesús and Rosizela as the nominating committee.  Rosizela was designated as the Nominating Committee Coordinator; she would select an individual within the general membership to assure a more transparent nomination and election process in the future.

La Red’s National Encuentro:

  • The Board decided to coordinate with 25 other organizations including: SEPI, CRS, MACC, NFCYM, CC&U among others.
  • Venue: June 22-25, 2006, St. Paul University or Notre Dame.
  • Organizations also sponsoring the Encuentro were identified: Hispanic Bishops Committee, NFCYM, NCYAMA, NCADDHM.
  • Officers for the organization of the Encuentro were appointed as follows:
  1. Executive Committee: La Red’s Board of Director and the Hispanic Secretariat.
  2. Core Team: Arturo Chávez MACC, Elisa Montalvo NACADDM, Rudy Vargas, Regional Directors, Armando Contreras, NCCHM, Maria Luisa Ortiz, NOCH, and ANSH Chiqui NFCYM.
  3. Steering committees were also appointed including logistics, hospitality, prayer, registration, among others.
  4. Michelle was appointed as representative of NCYAMA

Other business conducted in 2004

 A teleconference for the purpose of reviewing key aspects of the upcoming National Encuentro was held April 6.  Barbara Anderson and three directors of NACAHDM would be included in the next meeting.

Board of Director’s Meeting: Miami, FL, April 18.19, 2005

 The Board of Directors met in Miami on April 18-19 and selected Carolyn Adrian as coordinator of the National Encuentro, with payment of $25,000 plus expenses.

Present were:  Bishop Emilio Allué, Maria Rivera, Luis Soto, Jesús Abrego, Carmen Cervantes, Father Mario Vizcaino, Rey Malavé, Alejandro Aguilera, Javier Castillo. Also present were Carolyn Adrian and Ron Cruz.

After an opening prayer, in this meeting:

  • Fe y Vida was appointed as an organization in charge of editing the conclusions of the National Encuentro.
  • It was agreed to hire an individual to organize the liturgy, with payment of $5,000.
  • Fundraising: organizations willing to support the Encuentro were identified.
  • It was agreed that representation to the Encuentro be guided by diocesan and parochial procedures, to assure a 90 percent minimum representation.
  • NCADDHM donated $1,000 for the Encuentro
  • It was agreed that the $3,000 fundraising commitment on the part of Board Members of NCYAMA would be asked to be waived so that La Red could participate more freely.
  • A separate bank account was opened for the National Encuentro, with a $5,000 balance.
  • Recommendations were made to update and maintain the membership data base.
  • The need of having a web site in operation was stressed.
  • The National Office reported (a) status on a best practices project involving Hispanic ministry. (b) intention of contributing with funds to the Encuentro.
  • La Red is incorporated in the State of Washington but does not appear in the Kennedy Directory. This will be corrected through Bishop Sevilla who will register La Red in his Diocesis.
  • The nominating committee elected Maria Rivera as coordinator. Elvira Mata, Jesús Abrego and Juan José Rodríguez were nominated candidates to La Red’s Presidency.
  • Nominations for the positions of Vice president, Secretary and other officers were made.

Meeting with other Organizations, October 28, 2005

Thirty two organizations participated, including JCP, SEPI, Fe y Vida, EVAE (4), and 28 Diocesis.

  1. La Red gave an overview of La Red’s history and presented its National Initiative aimed at providing pastoral support to young Hispanics through 5 different goals.
  2. Father Mario presented the purpose of organizing a National Encuentro.
  3. Luis Soto made a presentation of the manual to organize the Encuentro.
  4. La Red’s Board received the recommendation to prepare a brochure that would help explain the purpose of the organization.
  5. La Red’s President explained the process needed to become a member of the organization.
  6. The Secretary stated that the project to produce a monthly newsletter failed but minutes were available for anyone interested.
  7. The Treasurer reported financials in black, with a consolidated balance of approximately $14,000.

Election Process:

Jesús Abrego explained that members of the Board are volunteers who offer about 15 travel days and 150 hours of service per year and that it is important to have regional representation within the organization.

The list of candidates to occupy a vocal seat in La Red’s Board included:

  • Rosizela Betancourt
  • Adriana Martinez
  • Juan Garcia
  • Ricardo Veloz
  • Jose Lopez
  • Elvira Mata
  • Joe Matty
  • Tania Chávez
  • Juan José Rodríguez


Jesús Abrego, was elected President, succeeding Rey Malavé.

Rey Malavé was appointed as General Coordinator of the National Encuentro Steering Committees.


2006 National Encuentro:

  • It was decided that the Nacional Encuentro be held June 8-11, 2006 in South Bend, Indiana (Notre Dame University).
  • The budget for the Encuentro was set at $600,000, the cost would be $275 per registration, and 20 individuals would represent each Diocese. Larger dioceses could have 40 representatives.
  • 150 Dioceses with Hispanic Ministry were identified, only 30 of these have youth pastoral coordinators.
  • The following committees were established (among others): Process (Jairo Martinez), Logistics (Juan Garcia), Communications (Leonardo Jaramillo), Marketing, Development (K. Merrit), Program (Alejandro Aguilera), etc.


A CORE team will include three members of the Board and 3 members of the Bishop’s Secretariat.

Elections:  The Board decided to extend Rey Malavé’s term as President until the end of the Encuentro.

Other business:

All organizations gave a brief overview of their mission and activities.  The next meeting was scheduled for November 3-6, in Rolling Meadows, IL.

Board of Director Meeting, Rolling Meadows, IL, November 6, 2005

The quorum included 5 of the Board Members, who made the following decisions:

  1. Ray Malavé, as Coordinator of the National Encuentro will have a seat at the Board but no vote.
  2. The CORE team is in charge of organizing the National Encuentro. The committees were established as follows: Liturgy: Lourdes Moreno, Manuel Franco/ Hospitality, Liliana Flores/ Communications Dayana Patsy, Pablo Padilla/ Logistics, Ricardo Veloz, Richard Espinal, Walter Mena.
  3. Monthly teleconference meetings in addition of four Board Meetings will be scheduled to organize the National Encuentro. Dates of following meetings to organize the Encuentro were set:  Notre Dame, April 19-20, 2006, plus a Teleconference, November 30, 2005 at 11:00 EST.
  4. To modify the bylaws as per the decision made in Dallas, so that a member participating two times in three consecutive years will be eligible to participate in the nominating committee.

Teleconference, Board of Directors, , November 30, 2005, 11:00 EST

Participants: Jesús Abrego, President, Luis Soto, VP, Elizabeth Torres, Secretary, Angel del Rio, Vocal.

After Luis Soto made the opening prayer, the Board took the following actions:

  1. The CORE organizing team was established as follows: Jesus A., Luis Soto, Alejandro A. Ron, Sr. Eileen, Rey Malavé and Carolyn as Coordinator of the Encuentro.
  2. The Board decided to purchase an insurance policy for Board Members for the duration of their term and during the Encuentro.
  3. An organizational chart for the Encuentro was established.
  4. A discussion on what to do after mobilizing the Hispanic youth for the Encuentro followed, as well as a discussion on regional meetings taking place in the mountain states and the Norwest region.
  5. The annual membership meeting was set for October 19-22, 2006.
  6. Ray Malavé and Archbishop Gomez were in charge of obtaining a letter from the Pope to be included in the manual of the National Encuentro.
  7. It was decided that a meeting of thte CORE would take place in San Antonio, Archbishop Gomez will be present.

The next teleconference was set for December 20, 2005, 11:00 EST.  In this meeting, aspects related to La Red’s web page, letter to members, and finances were discussed.

Teleconference, Board of Directors, , January 31st, 2006 13:00 EST

With a full quorum, and after an opening prayer made by Father Mario Vizcaino, the Board members approved (with some corrections) the minutes of the previous meeting.

La Red’s presence in the Encuentro was reviewed, with Board members discussing promotion and logistics issues (brochure, banner, tee shirts, etc.).  The cost of the Encuentro was set at $250 for member organizations, and $50 for individuals.

Teleconference, Board of Directors, April 27, 2006 15:00 EST

Participants:  Jesús Abrego, Luis Soto, Elizabeth Torres, Marissa Esparza, Carmen Cervantes, Alejandro Aguilera, Father Mario Vizcaino.  Absent:  Maria Rivera and Angel del Rio.

The Board reviewed the details of the National Encuentro and decided that the annual membership meeting Hill take place in Atlanta, GA., October 18-22.

  • Finances for La Red were reported in black, with $3.000 in La Red’s account plus a $6.000 fund held as a separate fund. Funds transferred from the USCCB amounted to $61,000, an additional $20,000 were needed, planning for 1,600 Encuentro participants.
  • The next teleconference was set for May 16, 15:00 EST.

Board of Directors Meeting, August 13-16, 2006 San Antonio, TX

Participants:  Jesús Abrego, Luis Soto, Marissa Esparza, Carmen Cervantes. Absent: Elizabeth Torres,Maria Rivera, Mario Vizcaino, Alejandro Aguilera.

Report on National Encuentro

  • Registered participants: 2030, as reported by Notre Dame.
  • The role of Rey Malavé after the Encuentro was reviewed.

Other Business:

  • The Board projected strategies to strengthen the image of La Red, 5 and 10 years after the 2006 Encuentro.
  • Implementation of action items would take placed between 2006 and 2008.
  • In 2009-11 preparations would be made for the Second National Encuentro.
  • The Board discussed urgent needs of La Red, v.g. staff, office space and funding. Bishop Gomez from San Antonio offered office space.
  • The formation of a Board of Trustees for La Red was approved, each Board member committed to calling 10-12 individuals personally.
  • Logistics of the National Encuentro and website were discussed.
  • The Board approved two Awards: (a) Premio Padre Mario Vizcaino al liderazgo en la Pastoral Juvenil, and (b) Premio Carmen Cervantes al liderazgo juvenil.

The Board identified the need to have date, numbers and financial reports of the Encuentro before the next Annual meeting in Atlanta.  In addition:

  • It was decided to write a letter to Diocesan leaders, inviting them to participate in a regional Post Encuentro Committee. A $10,000 solidarity fee would be requested from Regional Directors.

In a meeting held on August 15, 2006, the Board was requested to produce a letter/report for the Episcopal Conference in regards to the National Encuentro; also, the proposal from Fe y Vida for the edition of the Encuentro documents was tentatively accepted.

Annual Membership Meeting, October 19-22, 2006, Atlanta GA

Participants:  Atlanta, Beaumont, CRS, Charlotte, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Detroit, Galveston-Houston, Instituto Fe y Vida, Jóvenes para Ctristo, Kalamazoo, Knoxville, Lansing, Mobile, New York, Orange, Orlando, Raleigh, San Diego, Savanah, Seattle, SEPI, St. Augustine, St. Petersburg, USSCB, Wilmington, Yakima.

After an opening prayer, the following Board Members were introduced:

  • Jesús Abrego, President
  • Luis Soto, Vice President
  • Maria Rivera, Treasurer
  • Elizabeth Torres, Secretary
  • Marissa Esparza, Vocal
  • Leonardo Jaramillo, Vocal

Jesús Abrego and Rey Malavé presented the background and results of the Nacional Encuentro.

Also, after holding a mass celebration, the Board awarded the Premio Padre Mario Vizcaino to Rev. Mario Vizcaino for his leadership and dedication to the Youth Pastoral movement.

Reflections on the achievements and mission of La Red were made; work shops and team activities to complement this were organized.

La Red’s Internal Business:

Alejandro Aguilera gave a report on the Hispanic Affairs Secretariat, which supported the Encuentro with $110,000.  It was reported that the Encuentro included the participation of 130 Dioceses (out of 189) and 1,700 young delegates, plus 200 Diocesan directors, 18 U.S. Bishops and 4 Bishops from Latin America.


Elections:  Jesús Abrego was reelected President.  The treasurer and vocal positions were open.  The Board reviewed the profile of possible candidates and identified a list of nominees

Financials: La Red had $11,121.92 in its account.

Results of the Meeting with the San Antonio Bishop:

The Archbishop has offered part time help to Red, 10 hours/ week; Bishop Gomez will identify this individual and will provide also office space for La Red.

It was decided that in 2009, organization for the Second National Encuentro will be initiated.

A calendar of activities was set as follows:

  • I Encuentro
  • Regional Gathering
  • Post Encuentro
  • Pre Encuentro
  • II Encuentro

Activities and Committees for the PJH were identified.  Vision, Mission and Goals of La Red were reviewed with a close dialogue between bishops and Board Members of La Red.

Also, on October 22nd, La Red decided to amend its By-laws to establish a Board of Trustees according to the laws of the State of Washington.

Working Committees were established as follows:  Formation: Luis Soto; Collective Pastoral, Leonardo Jaramillo, Liturgy and Prayer, Elizabeth Torres, Missionary Option, Marissa Esparza.

Future meetings were scheduled:

Orange CA, October 25-28, 2007

San Antonio, possibly, October 30-31, Nov. 1-2, 2008

Board of Directors Meeting, February 19-21, 2007, San Antonio, TX

The agenda included, among others, the following items:

  • NFCYM-National Encuentro
  • Five year plan
  • Internal Manual
  • Financials
  • Legal incorporation of La Red
  • Meeting with Archbishop José Gomez

The Board, decided to form a Core Team to organize a Post Encuentro meeting (Jesús will be in charge).

The results of the  2006 National Encuentro were reviewed, and a five year plan was discussed.

The Red identified that it should participate in the following organizations:

  • NDDHM (Rey Malavé)
  • NFCYM (Jesús Abrego)
  • NCYAMA (Luis Soto)
  • NOCH
  • OCP
  • MACC
  • FIP
  • Instituto Fe y Vida
  • SEPI

In this meeting:

  • Dates for the next membership meetings were set: October 25-28, 2007 and October 30-November 2, 2008.
  • It was decided that Archbishop Gomez be present, as well as Bishop Soto and Sister Eileen.
  • Archbishop José Gomez accepted to incorporate La Red in San Antonio, Elizabeth would see if it would be possible to move the incorporation from Washington to Texas.
  • The financial position of La Red was presented by its Treasurer, with a total of $21,586.
  • Communication aspects such as upkeep of the web site, newsletter and the profile of the General Director that La Red needs to hire, were discussed.
  • In addition to this Board Meeting, La Red participated in a Partner’s Meeting in San Antonio, February 18-19, where partners made reflections on the 2006 Encuentro.